Automatic sensor faucets are commonly used in our daily life but touchless urinal flush valves are mostly used for public places. Today we will introduce one of the most popular model in market. It’s Rajeyn’s model No. RJY-21-B101D. It’s all-in-one type, which means the sensor, solenoid valve and battery pack are all inside of the flush valve body.

Similar to sensor water taps, the touchfree urinals have the same advantages.

#1. Convenience. You just leave the urinal after using, then the urinal flush valve will automatically flush.

#2. Hygiene. Touchless design urinal flush valve provides hands-free and germ-free operation.

#3. Water saving. Water efficient faucet reduces overall water usage without sacrificing water pressure.

#4. Energy saving. Battery shall last approximately 100 times per day for over one year.

How does this urinal flush valve work? When a person stands in the sensing area (before usage), the urinal flusher will auto flush for 2 seconds; 2 seconds after the person leaves, the urinal flusher will automatically flush for about 6 seconds. However, the urinal flusher only flushes ONCE if used continuously over 2 times within 1 minute.

There’s a water-flow regulator on this flush valve. You use screwdriver to regulate water flow. Clockwise direction is to turn down water flow while counter-clockwise direction is to turn up water flow. Also you can clean the filter net in water inlet. Please use screwdriver to back-out the filter net. Clean the filter net with clear water and then fix it back.

It’s important to replace batteries when it runs out. You will find the indicator light flashes every 3-4 seconds if battery power is low, alerting you to change batteries. Do no worry: If battery power runs out the sensor will shut off and water will not flow. Then you need to replace batteries.

Step 1: Please take out of the batteries from the product.

Step 2: Replace with four pieces new AA alkaline batteries.

Note: Make sure the batteries are installed correctly (“+” positive and “-” negative charge). DO NOT mix new old batteries. DO NOT mix batteries of different brands.