Automatic urinal flusher uses active infrared sensor technology that uses the emission and reception of infrared beams to detect the presence and movement of objects or people within their detection range.

The urinal sensor conducts TWICE flushing for every usage. When a person stands in the sensing range for 2 seconds, the indicator light in the infrared sensor flashes once, and the urinal will auto flush for 2s (before usage); 2s after the person leaves, the urinal will automatically flush for 6s. The urinal will automatically flush ONCE if no usage within 24hours.


The exposed automatic flusher is suitable for all kinds of modification projects, turning the common flush valves into an automatic flushometer. They were made with smart and intelligent technology that allows people to flush the toilet or urinal without physical contact, thereby improving hygiene in the toilet stall. A toilet or urinal flush valve should only operate when there is a need to flush the waste from the fixture.

Please note: Please ensure the sensor does not look directly into a mirror (or other reflective surfaces) as this may cause the sensor to false trigger).
No cistern required, water supply directly from mains

RAJEYN has two types of exposed auto urinal flushers: one is only auto sensor flush, and another is sensor flush with the manual button.

Type RJY-21-B101D  Automatic Flusher                    Type RJY-21-B102D Automatic Flusher with button



Exposed Inductive Flusher Application:

a. Please install the ceramic urinal in the best position.
b. Put the rubber ring and the Decorative Cup into the ceramic urinal inlet pipe and fix it.
c. Adjust the position of the water inlet elbow, put the upper end with the automatic urinal water outlet, and then fix the nut.
d. Adjust water pressure and water flow. Setting appropriate sensing distance.

Type RJY-21-B101D  Automatic Flusher                                Type RJY-21-B102D Automatic Flusher with button