Touchless soap dispensers are more and more popular in our daily life because it’s convenience and hygiene. You just put your hands under the soap nozzle and the soap will be automatically dispensed. Touch-less design provides hands-free and germ-free operation to keep families safe. But how to maintain the soap dispenser after installation? Today we will take a list for the maintenance part.

Just like automatic sensor faucets, you should always keep the soap faucet surface clean and dry. DO NOT immerse the soap faucet into water. When you clean the body, please use damp towel or cotton cloth to wipe gently. The important note is you should avoid any rocking or violent motion if the faucet body installed on the countertop. At the same time, remember that DO NOT use acid/alkaline detergents for cleaning. These are the daily general maintenance.

The other important part for maintenance is batteries replacement. How to replace batteries? Indicator light will flash if battery power is low, alerting you to change batteries.Do not worry if you see indicator light flashes. If battery power runs out the sensor will shut off and soap will not dispensed.

Step 1: Take out of the battery case and remove the battery case cover. Step 2: Replace with four pieces new AA alkaline batteries and install back the battery case cover. You remember to make sure the batteries are installed correctly (“+” positive and “-”negative charge). DO NOT mix new old batteries. Do NOT mix batteries of different brands.

Sometimes you may need to replace soap aerator if there’s long time no use and the soap spout blocked. Below are the replacement steps.

Step 1: Use Hexagon wrench to take out soap aerator screw. Disconnect soap hoses and IR sensor from the soap aerator and get it out from the faucet body.

Step 2: Replace a new soap aerator, connect two soap hoses and fix the IR sensor to the soap aerator. Take back the soap aerator to the faucet body.

Step 3: Fix the soap aerator to the faucet body with the screw. Replacement finished.

Hope the above maintenance is helpful for you.