It’s knwon that touchless automatic soap dispenser is a device that dispenses a certain amount of soap or a similar liquids such as hand sanitizer. Usually, these devices are used in conjunction with touchless faucets in public restrooms such as airports, train station, hospitals and office buildings etc. Why touchfree soap dispensers are so popular in public places? The reason is that the automatic soap dispenser further creates an even more sterile environment, especially in public places with large flow of people. At the same time, the installation of this device is not difficult. Today we will have an introduction showing how to install Rajeyn’s sensor soap dispensers.

There will attach a manual for each soap dispenser so please read the instructions carefully before you starting the installation. Although the installation is simple, it is suggested to be done by a licensed plumber. Remember that screwdriver, electronic hammer, etc. may needed during the installation.

Following installation steps for your reference.

Step 1: Install soap dispenser faucet.

Fix the soap dispenser faucet onto the basin with the fixing nut and gaskets.

Step 2: Install soap hose to dispenser control box.

Fix the soap hose to push-fit connector on soap dispenser control box.

Step 3: Install holders.

Drill holes on the wall according to the holder fixing holes’ size. Put expansion screws into the hole and fix the holder that holds the both the soap dispenser control box and battery case. 3M double-side tape is available to post the battery case holder on the wall.

Step 4: Install batteries.

Insert four AA alkaline batteries into the battery case. You will notice that batteries are EXCLUDED in the package.

Step 5: Pour soap.

Pour foam soap or mixed liquid soap into the soap bottle. Then fixed the soap bottle to push-fit connector on soap dispenser control box.

Step 6: Connect soap hoses.

Connect soap hose to soap outlet and air outlet on the soap dispenser control box.

Step 7: Wire connection.

Connect battery case cable to the soap dispenser power cable (red color). Connect pump cable to the soap dispenser cable (black color). Connect adapter wire to the DC jet on the control box.

Step 8: Fix  the soap dispenser control box.

Insert the well connected soap dispenser control box to the holder .Installation finished and it is ready to use.