Regular hand-washing is an important part for daily life. If you want to make sure hands that have handled dirty produce, raw meat and other items don’t contaminate your soap nozzle, time to consider swapping out your manual pumps for touchfree models. You may noticed that Rajeyn’s touchless soap dispenser can be not only used in public restrooms but also at home for daily use. All you have to do is just like the hands-free soap dispensers stick your hand underneath the soap nozzle, and the motion sensor dispenses the right amount of soap for one proper hand wash. This soap dispenser will dispense either foam soap or liquid soap based on factory settings OR remote adjustment.

Rajeyn’s automatic soap dispenser may be your top pick because of its long-lasting brass construction , DC6V/AC110-220V design and attractive chroming finish (chrome finish lasts 24 hours salt and spray test). The touchless soap dispenser powered by four pieces AA alkaline batteries (will last probably 12 months) and it comes in three different finishes, including chroming, black ORB and brushed nickel.

This soap dispenser releases different amounts of soap depending on your personal settings with a remote controller. For more soap, press remote controller button 3 and less soap, press remote controller button 4. At the same time, the soap dispenser sensor range is adjustable by the same remote controller. Press button 1 is to increase sensor range while press button 2 is to shorten the sensor distance. You can freely set appropriate sensor range and soap volume based on your specific needs.

The sensor soap dispenser works not only with liquid soaps but foaming soap. Even though you have liquid soap, the item can dispense foam soap, too. How to make it? Mix the liquid soap with water at proportion 1:2 and use as usual. Another good news is the soap dispenser has large capacity with 1000ml soap bottle, which means you do not bother to refill the soap time to time (Doesn’t require frequent refills).