Rajeyn automatic faucet spout gives users motion-activated technology without replacing the entire kitchen faucets.


Messes happen everywhere in the home, especially in the kitchen. There are many occasions we don’t want to touch the faucet handles especially when hands are very dirty due to kitchen work. But the faucets still work perfectly and don’t want to waste it? Or the motion faucets are expensive? That’s where Rajeyn automatic faucet spout is hoping to step in.

Rajeyn automatic faucet spout is a device that turns manual kitchen tap into an automatic one by adding a spout. Rajeyn automatic faucet spout comes in two models: RJY-10-P101D and RJY-10-P201D. Both models have one side sensor. Wave motion once, water flows and motion again, water stops. And there is a max 180s water flow setting which is ideal for most kitchen use and also avoid water wasting.

The difference between these two models is the power supply method.

RJY-10-P101D requires 2 AAA alkaline batteries which can last over one year for most family use. With click-on battery case, it is very easy to replace the batteries.

RJY-10-P201D is powered by a built-in lithium battery. There is no need to replace or recharging the battery. It will last over 5 years due to the large capacity and Rajeyn eco power consumption technology.

They can be used for most of kitchen faucets as there are different size adapters.


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