What is an automatic sensor toilet flusher?


These are toilet flush valves that don’t require any physical contact to flush after using the toilet. The sensors in the toilet flush valves sense presentation of people and flushes automatically when people leave.

Hygienic and improved sanitary conditions


Automatic toilets are a great option for commercial places. This means thousands of people use same toilets. Sometimes the flushes are not activated successfully due to fear of touching any dirty objects or just negligence. Then sensor toilet flush becomes the need. It gets rid of human contact too, cutting down the risk of germs and virus.

Less wear and tear


The sensor toilet flush valves are more durable and have a longer lifespan than manual flush valves, due to less wear and tear. You would save up plumbing and maintenance costs as there is zero contact in handling sensor flushes, thereby less chances of wear, tear and damage. Moreover, due to its automatic flush, it would save up massively on water consumption in the toilet.

There are many benefits of installing a sensor toilet flush including the important reason – ease of use. Visit Rajeyn.com for high quality sensor toilet flushes along with other products like sensor faucets, soap dispensers, etc.