It’s clear that bathrooms are more prone to bacteria, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic requires extra care and attention. Public bathrooms require special attention and worrying care because they are used not only by one household but by hundreds of different people throughout the day. Sanitary ware accumulates the most germs and bacteria when touched by everyone. Toilet flushers, faucets, toilet handles, and other sanitary ware are probably the most germ-prone areas that people don’t realize and continue to touch without fear of getting infected. Sometimes people already have germs and bacteria on their hands that transfer to every surface they touch. All types of germs, viruses, and bacteria are most likely to be spread using such bathrooms that require touch fixtures. With such bathrooms, those using them come into contact with fixtures, which can increase the spread of infection and disease.

What is a smart solution?
By this time, people have realized that keeping bathrooms clean and hygienic can make individuals happier and healthier. The good news is that there are many innovative options in bathroom fixtures that improve the hygiene factor in public and family bathrooms. Innovative touchless sanitary wares to avoid human contact with the fixtures through sensors embedded in them, thus greatly reducing the spread of germs. These fixtures include touchless smart faucets, touchless flushers for urinal and toilet, touchless trash cans that open automatically, touchless soap dispensers, auto hand dryers, and more. Not only fixtures but also a variety of non-contact bathroom cleaning supplies such as vacuum cleaners, washing machines, supply carriers, and trash cans in public bathrooms are strongly recommended to reduce odors and make bathrooms sterile.

RAJEYN specialize in R&D and produce infrared sensor and smart sanitary wares—auto sensor faucets, auto flushers for urinal and toilet, sensor soap dispensers, OEM supplier, and provide intelligent solutions for kitchen and bathroom. Products exported to the USA, Canada, Australia, France, Spain, Poland, Thailand, Singapore, India, Brazil, etc.

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