Automatic sensor faucets are popular in market, not only for basins but also for kitchens. However, the price of touch-free faucets are comparatively high. Good news is we launched a pre-install-ed lithium battery operated DIY water saving sensor faucet to update your manual basin and kitchen faucets to automatic one. What features does this product have? Below are the details.

Firstly, this DIY sensor water saver is quite small size (net weight only 200g) but with a motion wave on sensor (The sensor distance is about 5cm for hands. Sensor distance adjustable by remote controller). You just wave the sensor with your hand, water will automatically flow while you wave the sensor again water will automatically stop. At the same time, the sensor has limited 3mins washing time.It means the sensor will automatically stop water flow if water contentiously flows for 3mins. You do not need to worry even if you forget turning it off. This device will save over 30% water. Water efficient faucet reduces overall water usage without sacrificing water.

Secondly, this faucet is powered by one piece lithium battery. The battery is pre-installed. You do not need to buy extra battery or charge the battery. It’s quite save during daily use. The intelligent smart sensor will have low power indication. Sensor LED contentiously flash 5 times to indicate low power and remind you of changing a new battery. This product is also energy saving. The mentioned above lithium battery shall last approximately 100 circles per day for at least 5 years.

Thirdly, there are 6 different sizes mounting connectors to fit different basin and kitchen faucets.Connectors include Female M22*1, Male M24*1, Male M22*, Male M20*1, Female M20*1 and Female G1/2-14. It means our sensor device will match almost all kinds of kitchen faucets in market. Moreover, all the connectors are push-fit type. You just need to push it and the installation is finished. The elder can also handle installation.