Today we will have brief introduction of Rajeyn touchless sensor kitchen faucet. It’s well known that touchfree kitchen faucet is convenient and hygiene. Usually, the water spout can be pulled out to wash stainless steel basins. There are waterfall and rain-shower water that is switchable by a manual knob. Besides these main advantages, what other features of Rajeyn electronic kitchen faucets include?

Firstly, there are different designs. You will notice that the designs of Rajeyn kitchen faucets are different, including the faucet body, aerator spout, temperature manual handle and deck plate. Users can choose the designs based on their own furnishing style.

Secondly, there are optional finishing color for all the designs. The existing finishing color includes polished chrome, brushed nickel and oil rubbed bronze (ORB). The chroming and brushed nickel are the most popular finishing while ORB demand is increasing in recent years. All the finishes will pass 24 hours salt and spray test.

Thirdly, the control box of the faucets are compact small, which ensures that that faucet can be successfully installed to even narrow limited space. On the other hand, the control box is very easy for installation. There are two push-fit connectors connecting on both water inlet and outlet. Users just connect water hose with these push-fit compress connectors.

At last and the most important is we have UPC and NSF certificate. This is a guarantee for high quality products. Would you like to try our touchless kitchen faucet?