1) Healthier Environment

Bathrooms tend to gather bacteria more than other places of a commercial building. Touchless bathroom sanitary wares help to provide a healthier environment by removing several common touch points. Without knobs and levers, it’s less opportunities to pass germs in the bathroom.

2) More Efficiency

Automatic flush toilets, hands free faucets and other smart sanitary wares also increase the efficiency of a bathroom. They provide water at an appropriate time to avoid wasting in case users forget to turn off faucets or forget to flush after using toilets.

3) More Convenient

An automatic bathroom also enhances a visitor’s using experience. It makes things easier and more convenient without unnecessary operations.

4) Longer Lifespan

In the public bathroom, visitors are often ungentle to sanitary wares. Automatic flush toilets and hands free faucets often last longer, because they work automatically without receiving rude operation from users.

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