What is bathroom automation?
Bathroom automation largely means automating the major processes related to bathroom hygiene. Automated fittings such as automatic sensor faucets, electronic sensor urinal flushers, touch-less sensor toilet flush valves as well as hands-free sensor soap dispensers are revolutionizing washroom hygiene many times the traditional ones were just not enough as they had several loopholes which lead to wastage of resources.

Why do we have to pay attention to automating the washroom processes?
The problem of cleanliness has become a major concern since the spreading of Covid-19, especially in the commercial centers, business houses, public buildings and places, and also at home. Commercial houses and public places are where different kinds of people gather at one place and come in contact with one another. People’s body is the resting place of germs and bacteria, if not coronavirus at all. Therefore, cleanliness and hygiene, especially in the bathrooms, are directly linked to one’s overall health and wellness.

It is also necessary to consider that a majority of this wasted water is due to human negligence like leaving the tap running for long or even forgetting to check if the taps are properly closed before leaving the washroom. Similarly even leaking taps constitute the wastage of water as we have no control over the leakage unless it is being fixed.

How can we solve this problem?
With the latest Infrared Sensor Technology in water conservation & usage monitoring systems, bathroom automation is the key to not only saving cost but also saving our planet from the crises that we have created. Touchless technology & sensor-enabled fittings like sensor taps, sensor flushing valves, sensor showers, and sensor foam soap dispensers, provide contact-less hygiene and convenient application for all in the world.

How does washroom automation work?
Bathroom automation basically deals with automating simple processes in the washroom which were earlier neglected. RAJEYN has a wide variety of sensor sanitary wares products that can assist you in a complete bathroom upgrade. Let’s go one by one through these products & see how they play a key role in bathroom automation.

a.Automatic faucets
RAJEYN has designed various great style sensor faucets combined with hands-free functionality, they are ideal for bathroom applications or public areas where touchless. When your hands enter in sensing range, the water automatically flows while hands are out of sensing range, water automatically stops. It makes it convenient and water-saving.

b.Automatic Soap dispensers
An automatic sensor soap dispenser (also known as a touchless sensor soap dispenser, sensor soap dispenser) is a device that dispenses a controlled amount of foam soap solution. They are often used in conjunction with automatic faucets in public restrooms. The sensor-operated of these dispensers means that users do not touch the dispenser, reducing the spread of germs and making them one of the most hygienic options available.

c. Automatic Sensor Urinal Flusher:
The sensor-operated urinal flusher with different shapes and simple designs. You don’t need to put any special effort to use the flusher. It is made with smart and intelligent technology that controls wastage of water and provides effective functioning. It flushes at regular intervals that protect the equipment.

d. Touch-free Sensor Toilet Flusher
It is a self-flush unit with a self-adjust detection zone that needs no manual adjustments. It runs on a battery or can be used electrically as per convenience. The urinal flush sensor detects the person approaching and turns on automatically flush after the person leaves. It even helps to avoid foul odor.

Definitely. As stated above, there are many benefits to an automated bathroom. But before jumping into any trendy technology, make sure to plan carefully and consult with a professional so that automation truly adds value to the bathroom experience.