As you can see that many people often forgot to flush the urinal after using it. Then it leads to a bad odor and a dirty environment, especially in public restrooms, which affects the health of the people when using them.

What is a touch-free urinal flushing system?
The touchless urinal flusher uses active infrared automatic sensor technology. When you stand in front of the automatic sensor urinal flush valve, pre-flush for 2 seconds after detection, and flush 6 seconds automatically after leaving. It can automatically flush if no usage within 24 hours.

Normally it includes an exposed automatic urinal flusher valve and conceal automatic urinal flushometer which can be concealed in the wall.

Main four parts of the sensor touchless urinal flusher:
1. Sensor Faceplate
As the most important part, the work of the sensor is to send the signals to the solenoid valve to turn on the urinal flusher after detecting the object. Its job is to inform the valve when to turn on or off the water when the object comes and leaves. The sensor case is often made of plastic and there is a PCB board inside the sensor case which also includes the led light.

Normally the sensor case is placed on the faceplate. Mostly the plate is made of stainless steel, tempered glass, or plastic material. There are different styles with different materials for your selection.

2. Solenoid Valve

It’s also a key part controlled by the infrared sensor. The polarity of the signal determines if the solenoid will either take a pull or push action. The valves control the water flow by using a rubber-like disc. When there is no signal, the valve is closed, meaning no water flow through the valve. The presence of a hand will send a positive signal to the solenoid causing it to pull the valve open for water to flow. The solenoid will close up the valve by a push action when the hand is no more.

3. Power Source

Every electronic sensor urinal flusher system needs a power source in order to work. While some models get their power from alkaline batteries, others will use a low-voltage current from an AC transformer.
Normally there will be three choices: DC 6V: 4xAA alkaline batteries; AC: using a transformer to transfer power from 110V/220V to 6V; Both DC/AC models existed, firstly use AC power to work, if AC no power then DC start to work. Some touchless faucets may use DC 3V or lithium batteries.

4. Waterproof Connector Cables

Cables connect the sensor with a solenoid valve and power battery or AC Adapter, considering the humidity of the bathroom and toilet environment, it has high waterproof requirements for the electronic control system and every electronic component. RAJEYN develops and designs anti-plug water-proof connector cables, it increases the stability and reliability of the whole sensor control system and the lifespan of the touchless sensor faucets, automatic urinal flusher, automatic toilet flushometer, sensor soap dispenser, and so on.

An automatic sensor urinal flusher brings incredible convenience to your life. Water-saving, hygienic, and convenient to maintain. Complete with installation accessories, easy to install. Furthermore, the automatic urinal flusher saves water and uses the required amount when needed without wasting water.