The COVID-19 pandemic is re-shaping our lives in a number of ways. It’s not only showing us just how important hygiene is, but we are now actively living our lives in a way that prevents the spread of germs and bacteria. Hand washing has become a preoccupation for the nation.

The increasing megatrends around sustainability and health and safety, accelerated by COVID-19, are setting higher standards for solutions that improve our living environments, the way we use and interact with water, and the type of touchless sensor faucets and sanitary fittings we choose to use.

Most people are expecting to have a touchless tap in public when they visit. This sets high demands for decision-makers to ensure people have safe and hygienic access to water in all spaces. According to the consumer survey, many people would be interested in having an electronic touchless faucet in their homes.

Sensor touchless faucets are becoming more and more popular in both private homes and in public spaces. There are clear reasons for this direction: people are more conscious and aware of the possibilities and solutions that can make their living and working environments safer, healthier, and more sustainable. Auto tap faucets are a great example of one single device that can improve hygiene remarkably, saving water and energy at the same time. Installing smart taps for example to a school or a kindergarten is probably one of the best and the simplest and concrete ways to reduce diseases from spreading.”

Indeed, to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria, now many facilities have switched to smart faucets. By eliminating the need to touch the faucet, smart faucets can prevent bacteria from spreading. In addition to hygiene, many public and semi-public places like shopping centers and offices, are looking for controllability and durability of their premises.

Fuzhou RAJEYN Electronic has been in R&D and producing touch-less sensor faucets for over 18 years and is the market leader in intelligent solutions. Based on our own unique infrared sensor technology which gives accurate function of the faucet – make the faucet open and close the water flow when needed.

RAJEYN has designed various great automatic sensor taps combined with hands-free functionality, they are ideal for bathroom applications or public areas where contact-less.

RAJEYN has a great mission for the future: developing SMART products and services, providing leading intelligent kitchen and bathroom solutions, and creating a safe, healthy, and comfortable life for global users. Digitalization and automated solutions will in the future help us to use and interact with water more safely, conveniently, and sustainably.