Motion sensing technology is popularly applied in touchfree electronic kitchen faucets since motion infrared sensor is hands free and quite convenience. The water will turn off automatically within three minutes to prevent children or pets from accidentally entering into the sensor zone and wasting water.

Rajeyn kitchen sensor control box is black color with G1/2” water inlet and outlet. It is fixed under the stainless steel basin with screw holders. There are two push-fit connectors on both end for easy installation. The installation steps are simple and clear. Usually, users can handle by themselves based on installation manual.

Powered by two pieces AAA alkaline batteries, the control box is compact design and quite small, which will save space and you will not worry to find a suitable place to install the box. Even though the box is operated by two pieces alkaline batteries, however the battery can last over one year based on 3000 circles per month because the sensor and the valve are super-low power consumption.

Besides sensor, the control box includes a standby manual knob. Normally the faucet is operated by sensor. However, if the sensor is not working or there’s no power to activate sensor, users can take out of the stainless steel sheet from the standby knob and the faucet manual handle will control water on and off like a traditional normal faucet.

The sensor eye matching this control box can be very small size because the control box has independent CPU, which can be adapted to different separated sensor modules. Regarding to the solenoid valve, it is made of BSF, which is an environmental protection material and easy to obtain different certifications. Also the valve can quickly turn off the water in 5 seconds either AC or DC power off. On the other hand, if the two push-fit connectors are removed, this control box will be perfect application for touchfree basin faucets.

Generally speaking, this control box is competitive in price but durable for using.