Automatic concealed cistern is a traditional concealed cistern hidden behind the wall of the bathroom but with an automatic sensor. The automatic concealed cistern comes in three main parts: sensor plate, water tank including flush valve and iron frame. Now we will have brief introduction for Rajeyn automatic concealed cistern.

#1: Sensor plate

  • Rajeyn sensor plate is made of tempered glass and the sensor eye material is grass, which has good performance for anti-scratch, especially when products installed in public places. The cistern will automatic flush after use. The sensor will distinguish timing and go for full flush as well as half flush. Using time more than 90 seconds, go for full flush while less than 90 seconds, go for half flush.
  • Logo displaying. Tailor-made logo will light up when person is detected. The logo will flash to remind the users the product is ready to go flash.
  • Standby manual push button. Rajeyn automatic concealed cistern is operated by pneumatic air, both sensor and manual push button. The standby manual push button will activate water flush just in case the sensor is not working. This is perfect function since the system will work even though there’s no power or the sensor is broken.

#2: Water tank

  • The water tank is slim with only 80mm thickness, which will match most of the installation situation. Adjustable water flow based on different wroking conditions and requirement. Adjustable water flow rate is 2.5L/4.5 L or 3L/6 L.

#3: Iron frame

  • Strong iron frame to hold water tank. Iron frame is optional based on installation situation.