A public bathroom is a place that is most closely associated with germs and bacteria and tends to be a natural breeding ground for these threats to wellbeing.

The world has been fundamentally altered by the COVID-19 pandemic, people now are tending to pay much closer attention to hygiene and the potential for bacteria dissemination than was previously the case.

This is leading to an increasing number of businesses beginning to rethink commercial bathroom and toilet facilities to ensure that they are adequately prepared to face the challenges brought about by the new world.

Automatic Flushing Toilets

How many of us have done our utmost to avoid physically touching a toilet flusher with our bare skin after using the facilities? An automatic toilet flushing system is an obvious solution to solve this problem.

Auto Flush touch-free toilet has brought so many benefits.
1) Healthier Environment
Public bathrooms receive more viruses and bacteria than any place. The visitors often spread germs when flushing the toilet and washing their hands.

A touchless toilet flush provides a healthier environment by removing several common touchpoints. Without knobs and levers, it’s harder to pass germs in the public area. With fewer chances to transfer illness.

2) Convenient
A hands-free contactless bathroom toilet and urinal flushometer also enhance a visitor’s experience. It provides a level of convenience not found in older facilities, older systems can be quite difficult to work, often leading to incomplete flushing.

Instead of fiddling with the knobs or handle, all anyone has not to do anything, auto flush after people leave the sensing range of a sensor. This is a great option not only for busy people, but also for young children, the elderly, or those with joint or muscle complaints such as arthritis.

This modern electronic sensor flushing system eliminates the issue and allows all capabilities to use the facilities with ease.

3) Water conservation
Although there has been evidence to the contrary, the main advantage of sensor flush systems is the reduction in water wastage. The sensors on toilets and urinals are sensitive to movement, flushing when needed. There is usually a timed delay before this process can be activated again, meaning that users can’t re-flush the toilet several times with ease. This is intended to cut down on unnecessary water usage.

4) More economic
Auto-flush facilities are designed to use much less water and energy than a traditional unit, this means that, over time, you can get big savings in water and supply costs. Sensor touch-free toilet flush, hand-free sensor tap, and other smart bathroom sanitary wares will also help to build owners reduce costs related to maintenance and replacement.

5) Prolonged Lifespan
In the bathroom, visitors are often hard on the fixtures. For example, it’s common for people to kick the toilet lever.

Auto flush toilets and hands-free automatic sensor faucets often last longer, because they do not receive the wear-and-tear of traditional fixtures. Since fewer people handle the equipment’s parts, they do not need to be replaced as frequently.