Wireless Sensor Toilet Flush Solution

Technical Parameters (Remote Controller) Work Power Static Power Consumption Sensor Distance
2.3V~3V <20uA 60cm (distance to hand)
Technical Parameters (Control Box) Work power Static power consumption Remote control distance Drainage fittings size Full flush volume Half flush volume
DC4.6V~6V <50uA <2m 2in or 3.5in
Core Technology Active infrared technology, pneumatic flush technology and RF wireless communication technology
Function 1. When the automatic flush and remote control functions fail, press the manual button to activate flush
2. Wave the remote controller to activate half flush or full flush
3. The remote controller can be installed anywhere convenient by hands
Features 1. Strong resistance to electromagnetic interference or lights. Stable sensor distance.
2. Durable pneumatic drainage fittings
3. Remote control flush without turning back


Wave less than 1s, half flush

Stay for more than 1s, full flush

The remote controller can be placed anywhere available by hands

Durable pneumatic drainage fittings