DIY Sensor Faucet Solution

Technical  Parameters Work Power Over-Time Protection Static Power Consumption Adjustable Sensor Range Sensor Distance Customizable Parameters Opening Sensitivity Closing Sensitivity Adjustable Parameters
DC4.6V~6V Side: 3mins

Bottom: 1min

<50uA 1. Side: 4cm~12cm (distance to hand)
2. Bottom: 5cm~15cm (distance to hand)
1. opening sensitivity
2. closing sensitivity
3. over-time protection
<0.3s <0.3s Sensor distance and flush duration adjustable by a remote controller
Core Technology Active infrared technology
Function Hands in the sensor range, water flows; out of the range, water stops. Water flow stops automatically after 1min continuously flow.
Features 1. Strong resistance to electromagnetic interference or lights. Stable sensor distance.
2. Power detection. Close the solenoid valve automatically when power failure or low power.
3. Sensor distance adjustable by a remote controller.
4. Replace the batteries without tools
Application Manual kitchen faucet


Keep the manual handle on, wave the sensor on the side, water flows; wave again, water stops.

Keep the manual handle on, put hands in the range of the bottom sensor, water flows; out of the range, water stops