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SLC-00024 Concealed Auto Urinal Infared Sensor

  • SLC-00024
  • PC
  • Battery & Electricity
  • Adjustable
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • 1 Year

Infrared Sensor Feature

1. There are four different working modes in one PCB/Sensor, including sensor faucet, sensor urinal, sensor toilet and sensor shower, which can be automatically switched by a remote controller. 

2. Adjustable sensor distance and flush duration by remote controllers.

3. Low power consumption.4AA alkaline batteries life circle is about 60,000, lasting about 1.5 years.

4. Glue potting with strong moistureproof function.

5. High anti-interference and anti-vibration performance.

6. We have more than 50 different sensor eyes and different wires for selection.

General feature

optional sensor eyes

optional wires

potting sensors

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Q: Whats the MOQ?

A: We usually do not require MOQ for our standard products. But we suggest you ordering quantity of 1 carton to facilitate package and delivery.


Q: Whats the lead time, for example 500pcs sensors?

A: The lead time is about 15-20 days for our standard sensor programming and 30-35 days for customized sensor programming or wire connection.


Q: Whats the lead time, for example 500pcs sensor faucets?

A: The lead time is about 25-30 days.


Q: How about the warranty?

A: We have 1 year warranty for all our products.

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