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RJY-RC5B01 Distance Adjustment Remote Controller

  • RJYRC-5B01
  • 1 Year


1. Please install two AAA alkaline batteries before usage. Make  sure  the  batteries  are  installed  correctly  (“+”positive and “-” negative charge). DO NOT mix new old batteries. Do NOT mix batteries of different brands. The battery case is on the back of the remote controller. Please remove the battery case cover and place with two AAA alkaline batteries.

2. Please use the remote controller directly point to the infrared sensor (distance between the remote controller and the infrared sensor should be within 0.5 meters to 1 meters). The indicator light on the remote controller will flash when you press a button. Please do not press another button until the indicator light is out.

3. Please replace batteries if the indicator light on the remote controller flickers in usage.

4. Please keep the remote controller in dry place.

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