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Rajeyn is located in Fuzhou Fujian, China. We were the first company in China to develop sensor modules with self and remote controlled adjustment of sensor distance. We were the first company in China to develop 3V battery operated sensors. We were also the first company in China to adopt surface mounting technology for sensor PCB production. Moreover, we are a Chinese high-tech enterprise with multiple utility model patents and invention patents.

At present, RAJEYN have strong production capacity of traditional sensor sanitary wares, SMT processing, intelligent toilet and bidets , products including solutions and public & household sensor sanitary wares, sensor toilet flushes, intelligent water purifier faucets, intelligent toilet & toilet cover, digital thermostatic showers as well as digital thermostatic faucets. Our products have been exported to more than twenty countries, including USA, Australia, France, Singapore etc.

We indicated to provide our customers with more professional, intelligent, environment friendly and high-quality sensor sanitary ware and more professional intelligent solutions to kitchen and bath enterprises. With our continuous efforts, we aim to bring breakthrough and values for intelligent kitchen and bath life.


Our R&D Team


Experienced professional R&D team

 8 experienced electronics engineer
 4 structural engineers
 4 application engineers
 12 professional QC staff


Advanced Equipment


Strict Quality Control System


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