Product Name:Remote-cotrolled Multi-used Module
Last update:2012.03.27
Spending around half a year researching and testing, Rajeyn R&D Center finally developed a new type of remote controlled sensor module applying to sanitary ware. The new type infrared sensor module has power testing function, which means the sensor module is able to test power supply situation to make sure the solenoid can be turned off in time if power faliure, which can effectively save water.

Basic Parameters
Specification 15mm×24mm
Application Used in all kinds of sensor faucets, urinal flusher, toilet flusher and shower
Features Small size, low power consumption, remote controlled and multi-function sensor module
Technical Parameters
Operation Voltage DC 4.3~6.4V
Power Consumption Static power consumption ≤0.15mw(≤25uA)
Sensing Distance (default) Sensing distance error less then ±10﹪ of setting value
Output Output current max: 800mA; output voltage: 3.9V~6V; output pulse width: 35ms
Low Voltage Warning Low voltage warning will operated automatically if the operation voltage ≤4.3±0.1V ,
Protection The solenoid will automatically turn off if the AC power supply failure.
Flushing Duration 3S-23S
Sensing Distance 200mm-900mm (reference: 29.7cm*29.7cm standard white color board)
Sensing Distance Stability The sensing distance changes less then ±5﹪ if voltage decreases from 6.4V to 4.3V; The sensing distance changes less then ±15﹪ if temperature increases from -20℃ to +60℃
Life Circle Life circle≥500,000 turn/off times; working time≥5 years
Environment Adaptability Working temperature:-20℃~60℃; Storage temperature: 0℃-50℃; Relative humidity: 10%-95%; atmospheric pressure: 86KPa-106Kpa
工anti-interference performance Several faucets/urinal flusher/toilet flusher work simultaneously without disturbance; Working together with common electrical appliances without disturbance
Anti-vibration Amplitude 0.35mm, frequency 10~55Hz
Shock Resistance Strike or beat is not allowed.
Others Direct strong light should be avoided for the sensor module.

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