By 2018-03-29companynews

It’s been 10 years sincere Rajeyn officially established in 2003. Rajeyn staff toured Dongshan Island and Volcano Island in Zhangzhou City from 29th to 30th April celebrating ten years anniversary.

Day 1—29th April

We went to Dongshan Island by bus on 29th April. It took 4 hours from Fuzhou to Zhangzhou by bus. In this scenic spots, we went to the beach, took a fresh breath and tasted local flavors. We deeply attracted by the splendid natural landscape. Then we moved to a restaurant to have a dinner. We sand songs and danced in there, toasting for Rajeyn 10 years anniversary. Then we drew a lottery. There are more than 10 gold medal for winners. Everybody in the company got a memorable gold medal.

Day 2—30th April

We moved to Volcano Island on 30th April. It is the World Geoparks in Fujian Province. Extraordinary sightseeing is quite attractive!