Singapore Customer Visited Rajeyn

By 2018-03-01companynews

Mr. Johnnie Lee & Mr. Balachander S Krishnan, respectively Center Manager and Building Supervisor of Real Estate Management Services, from Singapore visited Rajeyn company on 14th, May 2012.

Mr. Johnnie Lee and Mr. Balachander S Krishnan booked 200 sets of RJYLT-FTP01, control box for sensor faucets and they visited Rajeyn Company to random check the goods and try to solve RJYDB-FTP01, flush valve for sensor toilets, technical problems. They broght with them a toilet flush valve sample from Singapore and earnestly discussed with Mr. Peng, Rajeyn’s General Manager and Mr. Chen, Rajeyn’s Manager. After about 1 hour further detailed discussion, the technical problems were finally successfully solved.

Then Mr. Johnnie Lee & Mr. Balachander S Krishnan visited the assembling workshops, R&D center as well as testing equipment. Mr. Chen explained in detail how the finished sensor modules are produced and how to test sensor performance. They showed great interest in sensor modules as well as the testing equipment and took photos.

Mr. Balachander S Krishnan was deeply impressed by the humanized design of RJYLT-FTP01 and are very satisfied with its performance. He indicated that RJYLT-FTP01 will greatly facilitate sensor faucets installation and maintenance, which will effectively save time and cut down maintenance cost.

Mr. Johnnie Lee indicated 200 sets RJYLT-FTP01 is trial order. He will place orders later on RJYLT-FTP01, RJYDB-FTP01 etc. if the trial order items work well in Singapore.