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RJY-6258D Distinct Wall Mount Brass Sensor Pipe Faucet

  • RJY-6258A
  • Ø32-44
  • G1/2"
  • Deck-Mounted
  • 0.05-0.7MPa
  • Brass
  • Chroming
  • Automatic sensor
  • NO
  • DC6V/AC220V Optional
  • 60s
  • Adjustable
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • 2 Year

6258A抗光(英文)6258A遥控调距(英文)6258A抗干扰(英文)6150AD material6150AD plating6258A温飘(英文)6150AD low power consumption6150AD Life span

6150AD control box

6258A180度旋转(英文)6258A规格转(英文)6150AD certificate

package for sensor faucet

Q. What types of power supplies are available?

A. This will be available in either a battery (DC6V) or line powered (AC220V or AC110V) variations.


Q. How long does batteries last on automatic faucets?

A. Battery life is 1-1.5 year. It may differ depending on usage.


Q. What type of batteries are used in RAJEYN sensor faucets?

A. All RAJEYN faucets employ 4 standard AA batteries.


Q.Is the sensing range adjustable?    

A. Yes.   Note: Factory settings are appropriate for a majority of application and should not require adjustment unless under extreme situations. 


Q. Can I install a sensor faucets product myself? 
A. Yes, sensor faucets products may be easily installed in a home or business. To assure you are in compliance with local building codes, it is recommended you consult a local plumbing contractor. 


Q. Can I install infrared sensor faucets outdoors?

A. Infrared sensor faucets are designed for indoor use only. They may be installed in outdoors applications, however, make sure that the sensor lens does not receive direct sunlight.


Q. Are there any limitations to where I can install your faucets that I need to know about?

A. Faucets are designed for all types of deck mount, wall mount applications. All you need is water supply, and sink. Please note that make sure the sensor's "vision" is not blocked when installing.


Q. How do I clean Sensor Faucets products? 
A. Use a mild soap and water with a soft cloth. Do not use abrasive detergent or solvent for this will void the warranty on the finish. 

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